Money Transfers

We offer international and domestic electronic funds transfer services to our members (Wire Transfers).

Pay a flat fee for either domestic or international transfers, regardless of the amount you are sending or receiving.

Wire Transfer Fee:

Wire Out Transfer Fee
Domestic Wires $25.00
International Wires - US Funds $55.00
International Wires - Foreign Funds $50.00
Wire Amendment $25.00
Wire In Transfer $15.00

Having money wired to your account? Here is the information you will need:

Wire Instructions (To Wire In)

Beneficiary's Bank:

Alloya Corporate F.C.U.



Further Credit:

Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union
215 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003-2735
(212) 533-2980

Account #:



(Name of Member)

Account #:

(Member's Account Number)

Purpose of Wire:


Contact our Member Services with any questions or for more information.