Member Business Loans

Loans secured by real estate only.

A minimum downpayment of 20% is required.

Maximum loan term is 15 years.

No prepayment penalty.

(for 1-4 unit properties, deduct 0.25% from posted rate.)

5/1 ARM/15 Yr Balloon/30 Yr Amortized4.75%No Points
7 year balloon (30 year amortization)5.50%No Points
10 year balloon (30 year amortization)5.75%No Points
12 year balloon (30 year amortization)6.00%No Points
15 year balloon (30 year amortization)6.25%No Points

Rates are subject to change without prior notice

To find out more about Member Business Loans please call our toll free number (866) 859-5848 or Contact Us. Or Call your local branch.