Share Certificates Accounts

Share Certificates (SC's) offer a better return and stable dividend rates. Whether it's a short-term (3, 6 or 12 months) or for a longer term (18 months, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years)  Share Certificate, the dividend rate is locked in for the term of your Share Certificate.

Dividends on 3 months SC's are accrued daily and credited at maturity.

Dividends on SC's termed 6 months or longer are accrued daily and credited quarterly.

The minimum balance required to open a Share Certificate is $1,000.00.

You may not make additions to the Share Certiciate account until the maturity date. If you need to withdraw funds prior to maturity, the following early withdrawal penalties apply:

Share Certificate Term - Penalty
The penalty will be equal to 50 percent (50%) of the dividend which would be earned over the Share Certificate's Term, on the amount withdrawn prior to the maturity date. For example - if your Certifcate has a 1 year term, the penalty would be equal to 6 months of interest that would be earned on the amount withdrawn prior to the maturity date.

Share Certificates (Early Withdrawal Penalty May Apply)

Term Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
3 month SC ($1,000 minimum) NOT OFFERED N/A
6 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.00% 3.034%
8 month SC Jumbo Special $150,000 minimum balance (*) 4.50% 4.577%
10 month SC Special - NEW FUNDS ONLY- ($1,000 minimum) (*) 4.90% 4.991%
12 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 4.15%


15 month SC Special ($1,000 minimum) (*) NOT OFFERED N/A
18 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.30% 3.341%
24 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.35% 3.392%
36 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.40% 3.444%
48 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.45% 3.495%
60 month SC ($1,000 minimum) 3.50% 3.546%

Rates as of July 20, 2023. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Annual Percentage Yield assumes that principal and dividends remain on account for the term of the share certificate. Dividends on 3 months SC's and 6 months SC's are accrued daily and credited at maturity.  Dividends on SC's termed 12 months or longer are accrued daily and credited quarterly. Early withdrawal penalties apply and could reduce earnings and principal on the account.

* 08 month and 10 month Special SC: Upon maturity, the term share certificate will not renew and its balance will be transfered to the regular  share account. The APY offering is effective form July 20, 2023. Special SC open for a limited time and offer period may close at any time. UkrNatFCU reserves the righ to limit the amount of deposits accepted into this type of share certificate.  


To find out more about Share Certificates Accounts please call our toll free number (866) 859-5848 or Contact Us. Or Call your local branch.