Fee Schedule


General Fees

New Account Fee$15.00
Minimum Balance Fee$15.00 per Quarter
NSF Returned Item$25.00
Redeposit Returned Item$5.00
Redeposited Item Return$25.00
Stop Payment on Cashier's Check/Money Order$30.00
Certified Credit Union Check$15.00
Account Closed (Within 6 Months of Opening)$25.00
Lost Passbook Replacement$10.00
Credit Union Check (3rd Party Payee)$5.00
ACH Item Returned$25.00
Money Order$5.00
Incoming Wire$15.00
Outgoing Wire (Domestic)$25.00
Outgoing Wire (International - US Funds)$55.00
Outgoing Wire (International - Foreign Funds)$50.00
Wire Amendment$25.00
Copy of Credit Union Documents$5.00
Account Letter - (Consular, Immigration, Balance or Account Verification)$25.00
Dormant Accounts Inactivity Fee (afetr 24 months of inactivity)$15.00 per Quarter
1099/1098 Duplicate/Photocopy$5.00
Account Activity Printout$5.00
VISA® Gift Card$2.50
Foreign Check Collection (Item Min. $200.00)$30.00
Foreign Cash Letter Item$10.00
Invalid Address/Returned Mail$10.00 per Month
Account Research (1 Hour Minimum)$25.00 per Hour
Notices on Levies, Subpoenas, etc.$50.00
Verification of Account$15.00
Non-Resident/No SSN Acct Maintenance$100.00 per Year
High Risk Account MaintenanceSubject to Review

Share Draft/Money Market Account Fees

Draft Returned for Insufficient Funds (NSF)$25.00
Stop Payment$25.00
Certified Draft$15.00
Automatic Overdraft$2.00 each
Monthly Share Draft Copies$5.00
Foreign Transaction Fee (Single Currency Transaction in USD's)0.80%
Foreign Transaction Fee (Multiple Currency Transaction in USD's)1.00%
Temporary Share Drafts (Page of 4 Drafts)$5.00
Each Additional Draft (Multiples of 4 Only)$1.00
Replacement Debit Card$10.00
Money Market Withdrawals Below $500.00$10.00
Money Market Excessive Withdrawals (over 6 per month)$15.00